Ying Gao’s Delicate, Fashionable Pod

Gao is currently crafting a white mini-dress out of Japanese organza, which she describes as  “lightest material on earth,” and has the consistency of frost.

“I am trying to use air as a material. I want the work to speak to the relationship between the real and tangible versus that which is illusory. Air makes the dress interactive.”

it so fragile and poetic that it only functions isolated in the context of conceptual art.

Ying Gao’s Delicate, Fashionable Pod door  intervieuw magazine op onbekend, online te bekijken op: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/ying-gao#_
Geraadpleegd op: 10 oktober 2013


She considers fashion design a very important aspect of our social structure and uses technology as a means to show us how garments can be approached in various ways as objects in space and the various ways people relate to their environment. Ying Gao is not another avantgarde creator. She is a fashion theorist who turns theory into reality, always in a romantic way.

INTERVIEW: FASHION DESIGNER YING GAO interview magazine op onbekend, Eternal optimist. online te bekijken op: http://eternal-optimist.typepad.com/minasminatsis/2011/08/interview-fashion-designer-ying-gao.html
Geraadpleegd op: 14 oktober 2013


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